Why is my toilet always running

why is my toilet always running

why is my toilet always running

To get rid of the problem which is called toilet flooding house because of constant water running you should apply an effective technique that will help to cope with the task. If this system will be applied properly you will be able to have a stronger flush while spending fewer resources. So why is my toilet always running?

You will need protective gloves, a cutting tool, and pincers. And you should buy totally new fill valve and clack valve.

Toilet function system is pretty easy to investigate. This simple technology has been added a long time ago. After the tank is empty it is filled immediately thanks to the mechanism that is enabling to replenish the water to a certain level. But even best systems can malfunction because of the constant moist affecting. Water tank overflow is a minor problem that can be easily solved.

Good news is that you can solve any flush or toilet flood problems using simple and effective techniques. There are four tasks that one should accomplish and three of them will take around 10 minutes of your time.

How the whole system function?

My toilet is overflowed – what actions should I take? If you can understand the basics than you will be able to fix any malfunction and solve the problem when toilet keeps overflowing. Let us draw your attention to the subject on how this mechanism operates:

  1. When you press the button a string attached to the flapper will pull it out so the water will flow. The bowl will be emptied in 3-5 seconds. When the bowl is empty the plug is being put back onto its place.
  2. Inside the bowl there is a floater that sinks down as the bowl empties. It is attached to a mechanism that shuts down when the floater reaches a certain level.
  3. There is an overflow tube that prevents a bowl from spilling water if the mechanism is not functioning properly.

So what to do when toilet overflows? If the water runs constantly there is a certain reason which could be easily discovered. All you have to do is to open a tank and examine every part of the system. In most cases you will repair this mechanism in 10 minutes. In most cases, you will need to buy a new component and install it. Also, there is always a variant when you just buy new system and install it. Toilet fills up slowly then slowly drains – this problem is about to be fixed without any help.

A simple 4-stage procedure that will solve 95% of the problems

toliet floodLet’s take a look at simple yet effective strategy that will help to solve water running problem. Fixing a leaking toilet tank is simple:

  1. Fill tube inspection. If this part malfunctions, it is best to fix a fill tube. This part is responsible for water distribution but if the mechanism is not working properly the amount of water will rise uncontrollably. Fill tube task is to refill the bowl so your next flush will be effective – the force of the liquid will be substantial. In other case the flow will miss the bowl. To fix slowly flushing toilet all you have to do it is to attach fill tube back and lock it in. Once the job is done water will surely get into the bowl and the flush will become effective again.
  2. Correcting the fill height. How to adjust water level in toilet tank? Not everyone knows that water refill level can be adjusted so you can get rid of water overflowing. If this level is low the flush will not be effective and you will have to wait until it refills to do a second round. But if the level is too high the water will be constantly running. Usually there is a mark inside the tank that shows the desirable water level. This mark means that when water will be above this mark it is likely that there will be an overflow. You can also see it when water reaches this mark, it stops refilling. But if it is not stopping you should adjust the level fill tank. After taking an attempt to do it, flush water again and do it until it will reach the mark. It is advisable that water level is 5 cm below critical level. Toilet tank leaking into bowl is easy to fix.
  3. Adjusting flapper mechanism. Toilet leaks after flushing are easy to manage. Usually, the flapper is connected with the handle by strings or chains made of stainless steel. Why won’t my toilet fill with water? If the string is too short then the flapper would close the gap and the toilet it will surely run. But the string is too long that you will not be able to flush efficiently. All you have to do is to adjust the needed level to have a good flush. Also, you should check the state of a flapper and look if it is fits the gap closing the gap completely without letting the water out. But what to do if a toilet is leaking after replacing flapper.
  4. Get a new flapper. Usually, that part is made of plastic and that is why it could break easily or suffer damage. If there is no way you can repair it, you should replace it. How to turn off a toilet? Stop the water flow by turning a switch and get the same model of a flapper in the nearest store. But sometimes you will not be able to buy the same flapper. Especially in the case when you have an old model of flush system. Once you are inside the store, ask for a universal flapper or get a model that resembles the old one. Good news is that this detail is relatively cheap. If you are willing to find the exact model of the flapper you can search on popular online stores. Another problem is that toilet bowl won’t drain is solved.

If you follow those four simple steps you will be able to avoid paying for expensive plumbing services. Sometimes it fills up then drains slowly and new flapper could be the solution.

Should you call a plumber to fix the problem?

toilet keeps overflowingSo what to do when water is leaking from toilet tank when flushed. The main question is, are you going to call a professional to fix a problem when you can do it all by yourself? Are you going to pay money if you are able to fix the system wasting 15 minutes of your time? Some flat owners prefer paying just because they do not want to be involved in the job that is considered to be «messy». If water drains from toilet bowl, you can fix it all by yourself.

When toilet is running occasionally you need to look every part of the system and install new. So what to do when my toilet overflows? If you don’t want to deal with the problem just call a plumber. But toilet leaks from tank to bowl could be easily fixed.

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