Termite invasion – how to deal with the problem

Termite invasion is a serious problem that needs to be solved as soon as possible. Many house owners ignore this threat until the walls and flooring begin to fade. Let’s find out some advice that will help to get rid of Termite invasion.

Termite inspection when buying a house

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Termite inspection when buying a house is one of the first steps one should take. The main problem is the fact that infestation cannot be identified with an untrained eye. The inspection should be performed by a licensed pest inspector. To find this specialist you can call your real estate agent or use the National Pest Management Association. An inspector must be licensed by a city or regional administration. A professional will always have a plan listing ingredients or any pesticides, including environmentally friendly substances.

How often do you need Termite treatment?

Any house owner will ask a question – how often do you need Termite treatment? You can treat a residence as often as you want. But Termite control is conducted once, and it would not be done in the next 7-12 years. But professionals insist on a yearly inspection of the house because Termite colonies spread pretty fast. If you want to find more about prices you should contact a local branch on any day.

Who pays for Termite inspection – potential or current owner?

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Who pays for Termite inspection – buyer or seller? Most real estate agents include bills for destroying pests’ services. It is not strictly determined who should pay for Termite extermination.

Usually, a Termite inspection is ordered during the house sale process. In most regions, a home seller orders an inspection and include this bill into the home price. Who pays for this Termite nests destroying is determined during negotiations. The house owner can add 1500-3000 USD of house price to cover the expenses.

How much will you pay to get rid of Termites?

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How much should Termite treatment cost? This price is determined by 5 criteria:

  1. Types of Termite – west Indian, Formosan subterranean, and many other species.
  2. Damage inflicted upon wood – f.e. Formosan termite can do substantial damage if not located.
  3. Treatment cost and methods used to get rid of the threat – specialists use chemicals, liquid substances, baits, and other techniques.
  4. Size of the house – the bigger the building the more time is needed.
  5. Foundations – in the case of monolithic construction a specialist will need custom treatment technology.

Usually, an owner or buyer will spend 1500-3000 USD but the exact price is to be determined.

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What should you take after Termite fumigation?

What to do after Termite fumigation? In most cases, you will be able to enter the building after 3 days. The fumigator will place a sign that will state that this house is safe to enter – there would be a date and the time when fumigation has ended. It is advisable to save the sign because it could be used as evidence that the procedure has been successfully finished.

Termite queen – magnificent but dangerous creature

What does a queen Termite look like? It is huge compared to other Termites. It is responsible for laying eggs and finding a place to start a colony. It resembles a big yellow or brown worm. Once it has mated with a male it starts finding a nest and begin excavation. After the first Termites come out of the eggs, they become workers which will feed newcomers and queen itself. The eggs are laid every day, so the colony expands pretty fast. That is why it is essential to conduct an inspection.


When does the Termite season start?

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When Termite season is about to start, they form swarms. But if your house has already been infested, they will continue excavations. Spring is the swarming season but some species start being active in early summer or even in fall. It is worth mentioning that they will not swarm all at the same time. The swarms could be located on some blooming chestnut trees – Termites form a group and rest. Dry summer is the ideal time for queens to lay eggs because of the rare rains that flood the colony.


Termite tenting costs

Some specialists consider tent defend systems the best technology for protection. But it is applied only after the inspection. Then tarp is installed traping the whole structure. This material helps fumigant to penetrate the wood and prevents it from escaping into the atmosphere. Tenting usually cost about 1200-2500 USD – the price depends on house type. If you want to know how much the Termite tenting cost does you should contact the specialist that will evaluate your house.

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How long protection against Termites will last?

Most specialists tell that termite treatment will last about five years because that is the lifespan of liquid chemicals spread around the house. It all depends on the product used and fumigator effectiveness. If a bait technology has been used, the effect will last about one year. Consult a specialist that has conducted the procedure to know how long the protection will last

How long is Termite inspection good for?

It is hard to determine the exact time because it depends on the used technology, house size, and other important factors. Legally Termite inspection is good for 90 days. It is advisable to conduct a new inspection when you are about to sell a house. The price of this service could be included into building price.

How long does tenting last?

How long does Termite tenting take? At first you should make all the preparations – remove pets and plants. After all, living creatures except Termites have been removed, specialists will place special signs and start erecting a tent to spread fumigator under that material. The process will take one day. After that, a house will be aired and every room will be tested to make sure that chemicals are gone. The whole process will take 3 days – after that period you will be able to re-enter the building.

Average Termite size

termite nest in tree

How big is a Termite? There are nearly 2 thousand species of Termites. Usually, they are about ¼ and ½ of an inch long. So, they are like regular ants but a bit smaller. The queens are 5 times bigger – about an inch. Most termites are white or brown. It is easy to spot them when they are working.

Make sure your house is free of Termites!

After you have found out how often Termite treatment should be conducted you should make sure that your home has not suffered severe damage from excavations. That is why you should make sure that a licensed specialist has checked your house before letting you in.

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