What to do when toilet overflows

how to empty a toilet

how to empty a toilet

Few people want to abandon the comfort and convenience of using the bathroom for its intended purpose. It is not so important whether it is a private house or an apartment, a sewage system, and all the plumbing equipment accompanying it should work properly. a rather unpleasant phenomenon when the toilet does not flush the paper and the water does not drain. What to do in such a situation? The causes of such a malfunction and methods for its elimination we will consider in this article.

The toilet is overfull

The source of various troubles with the toilet, and in our case with a bad drain, can be either a failure, or a poor-quality design of the bowl or the drain system, and in private homes, there may also be a mistake in planning the sewage system. Let us consider in more detail what can interfere with normal drainage and how it all manifests itself: Clogging in the sewer pipe or toilet siphon. In this case, the water will be in the toilet bowl without leaving or leaving very slowly. Insufficient amount of water in the tank. During washing, even visually you can notice that there is quite a bit of water.

toilet flooding house

toilet flooding house

Sometimes it happens that the water from the tank flows without stopping, but the toilet does not flush when necessary. Clogged drain channels in the toilet or tank. Water flows out of the tank slowly, without any pressure. The design of the flush or bowl does not allow easy washing. Damaged enamel, which covers the bowl from the inside. however, you will notice that the surface of the bowl is no longer smooth. When there is no fan riser in a private house, an air congestion forms in the sewer pipe system. with all this, water can leave evenly and slowly, or jerkily – at the very beginning it stands, and after a while, it quickly leaves. When you already determine the reason why the toilet does not flush, you can proceed to eliminate this problem.


toilet overflow water damage cleanupOrdinary water is poured into the tank, which contains mineral salts. After a while, they are deposited on the surface of the walls of the tank and the working elements. such growths are called hardness salts or calcareous deposits. Based on the fact that the drain holes are relatively small, the lime deposits clog them, leaving a small gap so that the water passes. in order to get rid of this problem

  • leave about one liter of water in the tank, but not more, and carry out a chemical cleaning using one of the recipes
  • Pour 100 g of a 5-7% phosphoric acid solution into the tank
  • after 10-15 rinse for minuteswater.
  • add 0.5 liters of borax and vinegar to the water in the tank
  • After 2 hours, rinse with water
  • Add 3-4 sachets of ordinary citric acid to a tank of water, and rinse after a couple of hours.

plumbing overflow This procedure is conveniently carried out in the late evening, leaving the acid inside the tank for the whole night.

As a preventive measure, you can install at the output, it is also the input, a coarse filter. in the event that it is impossible to do this for some reason, then there is another way – tablets for the tank. Their effect is based on softening water and purifying the entire drainage system. These tablets are produced by different manufacturers, but they are all quite effective.

Water stagnates in the toilet bowl

flooded bathroom At the moment when the water from the tank leaves under sufficient pressure, but does not drain into the sewer itself, the reason is hidden in the clogging of the drain pipe or siphon. In such a case, it is customary to say: the toilet clogged. no matter where the blockage occurred, the main goal is to eliminate it. This can be done in several ways: using an ordinary or pneumatic plunger; using a plumbing cable; chemicals – alkali, household chemicals, or acid.

The toilet is filled with water, then it drains slowly

Poor toilet design! If a new toilet is problematically flushing, perhaps the problem is in its design. A bowl of a toilet bowl with a shelf is an example of a rather unsuccessful model.

The above information will allow you to figure out the source of the problem and eliminate it by eliminating the blockage or by adjusting the drain mechanism.

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