Recognizing a slab leak – typical methods to deal with the problem

Earth quakes are not the only reason why the foundation crushes. Temperature extremes, insects, and natural deterioration can be the cause of water leak in slab foundation that is the main reason why cold and hot water pipes are wrecked. It is essential for house owners to spot a water leak in slab foundation as soon as possible.

Slab leak definition

What is a slab leak? This is a construction term that describes a leak that has formed inside water lines that have been placed below the building. Such problems usually appear due the metal destruction or corrosion. To spot the leakage all you have to do is to search near drains. Water leak under slab foundation can be found very quickly but if you prolong, it will be the cause of serious problems.

Some water supply structures can leak for years without showing any signs. But the result of this malfunction is foundations collapse. That is why one should analyze the state of plumping. Leaks are hard to spot for house owners which are not familiar with typical signs of pipes malfunction. Now when you know what is a slab leak let’s take a look onto symptoms.

Main reasons of slab leaks

Let’s talk about some slab leaks symptoms and general causes:

  1. Unprofessional pipes installation. Some plumbers use cheap components. Leaks begin after a year of constant exploit. But if such pipes are subjected to any damage it is almost always a disaster. Due to the unprofessional management, the whole structure functions badly and slab leak will slowly affect the foundations. You should repair water pipe leak in concrete
  2. Foundation or ground movement. The building can shift slightly from time to time which results in water leak in slab foundation. When ground or foundation move, pipes will surely get more pressure. Professionals that use high quality materials always take shifts into consideration. But in other cases, pipes can’t stand any pressure which results into a leak or destruction. And there are also limits to pressure caused by foundation shifts. Call a professional that uses slab leak detector.
  3. Pipes expand as cold or hot water travels for them. If they expand inside the soil, no critical harm will be done. But some pipes interact with foundation, gravel and other pipes. Constant rubbing against stone or steel will wear pipes exterior down – leaks are unavoidable. Use slab water leak detector or call a plumber.
  4. It is a natural process and nothing can be done about that if you use standard copper pipes.

If you are ready to construct a water supply system it is strongly advisable to order such services from reliable companies with high reputation on the market. Usually, they use under slab leak detection devices.

Basic tips for fixing this problem

Let’s take a look at reasons that causes sewer leak under slab:

  1. Expenses to pay water bills startle you.
  2. You can still hear water running even you are not using any devices – you need under slab plumbing repairs.
  3. You can see condensation on the floor and you feel droplets of water.
  4. Utility meter moves even when your taps are closed – typical sing of hot water slab leak.
  5. Water stands around a building for a long period.
  6. Cracks are slowly forming – use slab water leak detection
  7. Mold forms on the floor or walls because of hot water leaks under slab.

If you recognized a slab leak in your house, you can contact experts in foundation leak detection.

How to fix slab leaks?

Slab leak is formed because of pipes malfunction situated under foundation. That is why repairing them is quite a challenge. Without proper preparation and instruments, plumbing leak under slab is dangerous. That is why you should order the services of a good plumber for slab leaks repair. When you hire a professional they will resort to various solutions depending on the pipes state. If the damage is not severe a plumber will use epoxy to patch up a leak – this will stop water leak under foundation.

But in the case of multiple leaks and massive corrosion new pipes are needed. Re-piping will solve all the problems even this procedure requires time and money. In that case, you will make sure that you will have no slab leaks in the next decade.

The most time-consuming procedure is pipes re-routing when all floors and pipes are being replaced. Slab leak repair requires demolition but it the best solution to make better water supply system. Every house owner should take care of plumbing system to prevent serious problems. If you notice a slab leak make sure you order services from a reliable plumber.

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