External AC power does not work: What’s Going On?

A split system will not work efficiently and stably if two important systems, which are an internal type evaporator and an external condenser, do not work, it is called a compressor. In possible cases, when the external unit has stopped working, and the internal one is acting, then this complicates the situation with cooling.

What to do in case of malfunction

If one of the installed units malfunctions, your split system will not cool your house effectively, so you will need to eliminate this type of breakdown. When you replaced such malfunctions, then you can try to perform certain actions, some of them are:

You will need to understand if your system is turned on correctly. In such systems, a specialized switch is most often installed, which is installed next to the external unit.

Your ac compressor hums but want start then in this case there can be a serious problem with the compressor, it is recommended to contact experienced craftsmen.

The main causes of malfunctions

If your split system has stopped working correctly and efficiently, then there may be certain malfunctions that need to be fixed. Some of the main malfunctions that may occur are as follows:

The block was accidentally disconnected. Very often, there is a special switch near the outdoor AC unit. If you accidentally press it, then the unit will turn off. You will need to eliminate the cause of the malfunction, just put it in the on position.

To remove this type of malfunction, it will be necessary to open a special box and carry out a check.

In this case, the outdoor unit will not turn on, because compressor operation is not required. Another possible situation may arise if the thermostat has a breakdown. In this case, it is recommended to replace it with a new one. You can try reset air conditioner, then all its settings will be reset to factory values, which in some cases helps to solve the problem. Reset air conditioner, you can perform and eliminate its malfunction, but not in all cases it helps.

Compressor malfunction. In this case, only a qualified and experienced specialist will be able to carry out diagnostics and subsequent repair of this complex equipment. This point should be understood and strictly taken into account in order to avoid possible problems and difficulties. If you looked and outside ac unit not running but inside is a split system it’s cold, then you need to inspect the unit externally, you should not disassemble it yourself, because such work should be performed by qualified masters. If air conditioner blower not working then the reason may be that it does not receive electric current. You can see if the switch is on or not. If your equipment is ac running but no cold air then the malfunction may be caused by incorrect configuration of the split system. A very common reason that the air conditioner does not turn on is ac blown fuse, in which case you will need to replace them with new ones. The ac blowing fuses installed in the equipment performs a protective function, therefore, during power surges, they can burn out and require replacement. If you have a problem and outside ac unit not turning on then you can open the cover and see what condition the special protective fuses and circuit breakers are in. If the circuit breaker has tripped, then you will need to turn it on. When ac unit wont turn off then maybe the relay installed in it does not work. A complete replacement of the relay will help eliminate this malfunction. If you have a running fan on air conditioner continuously then the temperature sensor may be malfunctioning or the basic settings that need to be changed to optimal or reset to factory values are incorrectly set.

Reinstalling the air conditioner

Your air conditioner is a special equipment that in some cases may not work properly or may not cool the air efficiently. If the external AC unit does not work, then your split system will not be able to fulfill its responsibilities. Home ac won t turn on then look at the switch, which may be in the off state, this is one of the common reasons. Then the very first thing you can try to do is reset the settings. As a rule, this helps to solve problems with incorrect operation of the device. Outside ac unit won t turn on then you should see the general power supply for the split system. If not enabled, then enable. In another case, qualified assistance from experienced professionals will be required, because this equipment is quite complicated.

During standard operation of HVAC equipment, condensate flows down the drain line. If water has appeared on the indoor unit, it means that there are some malfunctions that need to be fixed immediately. If air conditioning compressor won’t start then it is first necessary to see if the circuit breaker is turned on or not, or a special circuit breaker could work, which performs protective functions. If it works, then just turn it on. The main cause of condensate leakage is clogging of the drain pipe. This problem can be solved independently. To do this, disconnect the air conditioner from the mains, disconnect the drain pipes, carefully clean them and dry them. The cleaned tubes are installed in their place, after which you can connect the air conditioner to the network and check it in operation. If this method does not help to solve the problem with condensate, you will have to call a specialist. Condensate leakage can also be caused by a dirty evaporator filter or by not observing the required tilt angle when fixing the indoor unit to the surface.

Ac won’t blow air if the settings are incorrectly set in your split system, this factor should be taken into account and the first thing to check. Ac unit running but not cooling then this is considered a rather serious malfunction, so you should contact an experienced master. You can reset ac unit if the system malfunctions, you will need to turn off your air conditioner for a while and turn it on again. After eliminating the breakdowns, your equipment will work reliably and very effectively for a long time.

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