An introduction to white label manufacturers

Where to get excellent quality oral cleanliness products

In this article, we will see elaborated details on where to get oral cleanliness products in China. One well-known and reputed manufacturer is melao, which offers wonderful OEM solutions for oral healthcare products and much more. Since it’s the best, this article will focus more about it.

What is Melao and how does it work?

Melao is a leading white label solution and OEM manufacturer in the field of cosmetics products. Their product line includes haircare, body care, oral health care, hygiene, and skincare items. Its objective is to provide high-quality products to the businesses, who’ll sell them under their brand name. once these branded items are bought by the end consumer, Melao aims to reach millions of households soon.

How can I place an order with Melao?

If you’re interested in getting your cosmetics products manufactured by Melao, the process is very simple.

  1. Visit the official Melao website and submit the contact or enquiry form.
  2. The company’s executives will reach out to you at your given contact details. They’ll ask you about your order details and will help you place the order.
  3. You’ll get the delivery on or before the promised date. No delays.

Is Melao trusted- What’s the assurance?

Several new brands fear working with an unknown manufacturer. However, working with Melao is very safe and not risky. Melao now enjoys a worldwide reputation in manufacturing world-class cosmetics. There have never been any delays, nor any clients have experienced a poor deal with Melao. If you’re still concerned about the risk, you can place a very small order to begin. As you start to build trust, you can increase the order size. Melao never tries to perform unfair trade through unfair means with their clients.

What products can I get white labelled from Melao?

Since Melao is very famous company known to produce high-quality products, you can get several types of cosmetics products manufactured from them. Here’s a list:

  1. Skincare

Skincare products such as showering gel, soaps, creams, etc. are all manufactured by Melao. You can get them made under your brand name.

  1. Haircare

This is a very popular segment among girls. Any woman would love to try out branded products made by quality manufacturer. Therefore, you can get your shampoos, and other haircare products manufactured by Melao.

  1. Oral health products

Toothpastes, whitening powder, mouthwashes are a few examples of products that Melao can make. They’re the masters in making these products, so be assured about the high quality.

More Choices

You might be interested in more manufacturers who produce the same product lines. However, you cannot be assured of the same product quality with every order if going with a non-reputed maker. The reason is they use poor raw materials, which lead to production of inferior cosmetics products. Still, you can find a variety of Melao rivals on

Choosing the correct Manufacturer is Crucial

If you don’t go with Melao, perhaps you’re going with a poor manufacturer who can ruin your product’s quality in pursuit to increase their profit margin. This can affect your brand as the consumers will start hating your brand for unstable product quality in every batch. Therefore, stick to Melao and enjoy a standardized product quality.

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